<Instructions> for all GasStrap equipment.

Hints and Tips

  • Protect the bar work on your ute or trailer by slitting a piece of poly pipe or similar and feeding it over the area to be protected.
  • If you use your GasStrap often, a 100mm piece of 20mm garden hose or similar pushed over the handle will make latching and unlatching easier on your hands. Alternatively, you could use gloves.
  • For GasStrap, twists may be required to shorten the chain if it can't be tensioned sufficiently. The twists are formed by turning the hook(s) through 360 degrees (see Instructions). Do not use more than two twists a side and do not allow any knots to form.
  • Use a rubber protection strip when securing environ drums (see gallery).
  • Use hand force only to tension. Do not use extension bars on the handle to tension the GasStrap.
  • Ensure that the headboard or trailer connections are strong enough to restrain the load being secured by the GasStrap.
  • Always check the load once it has been secured.


Does the GasStrap require any maintenance?

A visual check of all components to make sure that all the connections and mechanism are secure with no damage or knots in the chain.

What loads can I carry?

The GasStrap is designed to carry small round, rigid loads up to 360kg

Can I shorten the chain?

Not required, nominal length suits 45 kg gas cylinder. Use shortening hooks for smaller loads.

Can I lengthen the chain?

Not required, nominal length suits 45 kg gas cylinder. Use extension chain with hoooks for larger loads.

Can I replace the chain?

Yes, only with grade 70, 6mm rated chain. Non rated chain (eg galvanised long link is not suitable).